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Forum FAQ

Postby SLWalker » Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:55 am

Hey, Steff & Ride, how come we can't see the whole forum?

Because we're looking to safeguard the peace of mind and privacy of forum members from trolls, bigots and ne'erdowells! A lot of forums become a home base for folks, where they not only make fandom buddies, but also real life ones, and in order for us to do that, we're willing to sacrifice broad exposure for a sense of community. Privacy and the right to speak freely is very important to us. Giving people a space they can chat without worrying about employers, stalkers or otherwise is one of our highest goals.

But I just signed up and I still can't see it all! What gives?

Newly registered users have to reply to posts on the Administration board a few times before they become regular registered users. It's another safeguard against harassment and spam. Though, if you're someone we already recognize, we'll likely vet you right off. <3

Does this mean you're doing nefarious things here?

Pfft, no. But a full ninety percent of us have been pestered by one troll or another in our fandom time, so why not avoid it if we can?

Okay, okay, got it. So, once we're on the full forum, what should we know?

No Ray bashing. Ever. Discuss them, debate them, psychoanalyze them, but never bash them because we love them both. There's a difference between discussion and getting your hate on; if you don't know the difference, ask an admin or mod to read your post for you before you post it.

Keep the new Twin Peaks stuff under the 2017 folder so that people don't get spoiled if they don't want to.

You are allowed to swear, discuss difficult topics, dive into debate, but keep each thing where it belongs. Meta goes under meta. The Boxing Ring is for when you want to talk politics, religion or anything else that might provoke strong feelings; even there, debate the topic and not the person. Fanfiction goes under fanfiction... well, you get the point. If a topic strays, that's okay, but please ask us to split it and move it into the appropriate forum so that we can keep everything neat.

You are not allowed to post anything higher than PG-13/Teen on any of the semi-public forums. You can link it (with rating and appropriate warnings!), but not post it. You can never, ever post or link to anything involving underage sex with minors. For this forum, given the US server, that's age 18.

Ultimately, all of the common sense rules, plus the golden one, apply. Be excellent to each other.

What about the posting of adult materials, though?

Contact an admin and we'll discuss it. (We do have something in place for that.)

Can we post music? Pictures? Videos?

Yes, you can embed music, videos, etc. Remember to keep it PG-13/Teen on any general board. Attachments are also enabled. Please only post art you've made yourself or commissioned, and if you commissioned it from someone else, please link to them and credit them properly. You can also link to art you love, too, to promote the artist!

Someone is harassing me! What do I do?

Tell us, and we'll go digging to see what's up.

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